“Enabling the best evidence from witnesses”


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Professor Penny Cooper’s aim is to enable the best evidence from witnesses and the effective participation of vulnerable parties. She provides the following services:

  • Witness familiarisation and preparation.
  • Advice regarding vulnerable witnesses, defendants and parties.
  • Training and mentoring.
  • Research, publications and impact.

“Current consultancy clients include the Ministry of Justice, the Department of Justice (NI) and many City firms. I devise and deliver the national training for Registered Intermediaries and co write their procedural guidance.”

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Professor Penny Cooper


“He tried (as might be expected) to confuse and extract mis-leading answers, however your very last piece of advice and counsel to me somewhat ‘won the day’ for me.  I’m told that my performance was ‘excellent’ in one of our toughest areas of the proceedings – a good deal of that result is directly down to yourself – THANK YOU!”


“I enjoyed the occasion far more than I anticipated and left the stand with a feeling not of relief but rather that a fair job had been done.  That has to be put down to good preparation.”


“I know that my performance on the day was most certainly enhanced through you.  In comparison to what happened on the day, you were tough.  Looking at what happened on the day, I know that you would have given me a harder time than did [the cross-examining QC]”.

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