“Your expert witness training has stuck in my memory ever since and started me on the road to be the best EW I could.”
(Expert Witness)

“I have worked with Professor Cooper for over 2 years in a number of capacities. She is heavily involved in the process of design and implementation of a course which will train the advocates of England and Wales in how to deal with vulnerable people in the courts. She has been unstinting in her commitment to this cause and has gone way beyond the call of duty in providing practical and intellectual assistance to the work.  Without her the project would lack the momentum it now has. I can call or email her at any time and will receive a detailed, nuanced response very quickly on issues such as recent case law from the Court of Appeal to willingness to take part in a filmed ‘talking head’ address. She analyses information with great acuity and sees the problems, and potential solutions, of the interface between academic legal study and practice ‘in the round’.
I also work with her in training Intermediaries at City University. This started as a ground breaking scheme and has now been implemented throughout the country. She uses her academic and practical knowledge of law with extremely impressive results. She is very, very well respected in both academic and practicing legal circles and her work lends authority to any submission.
She also consults and assists me with academic research and practical guidance in relation to cases I am involved in. For example she provided invaluable assistance in a recent multi handed paedophile case by permitting me to consult an unpublished article on a recently reported case concerning vulnerable witnesses and cross-examination. The judge in that trial was greatly assisted by this document in the conduct of a hearing. I am involved in a complex case overseas where an autistic boy is accused of a very serious offence. Professor Cooper has provided assistance which has ensured he now has the support he needs. She never forgets the human tragedies that lie beneath the Criminal Justice System.”

Angela Rafferty KC

“He tried (as might be expected) to confuse and extract mis-leading answers, however your very last piece of advice and counsel to me somewhat ‘won the day’ for me.  I’m told that my performance was ‘excellent’ in one of our toughest areas of the proceedings – a good deal of that result is directly down to yourself – THANK YOU!”

“I enjoyed the occasion far more than I anticipated and left the stand with a feeling not of relief but rather that a fair job had been done.  That has to be put down to good preparation.”

“I know that my performance on the day was most certainly enhanced through you.  In comparison to what happened on the day, you were tough.  Looking at what happened on the day, I know that you would have given me a harder time than did [the cross-examining QC]”.